LEF | Lead & E-commerce Follow-up


Would you like to know...

  • ... how to unlock all your lead sources in one system?
  • ... what the quality of lead follow-up is in your organisation?
  • ... how to professionally and uniformly set up the entire lead process?
  • ... whether your leads are being followed up? And by whom?
  • ... how many orders you get from the incoming leads?
  • ... what the lead time is for each lead?

You need LEF for that!


All lead sources centralised

All leads from different lead sources come in centrally in a single system. In LEF, you can set up how, when and by whom the leads should be followed up. This way, all leads are followed up as quickly as possible, uniformly, professionally in the right way, and by the right person within your organisation. LEF ensures that all leads are automatically qualified with the right deadline, objective and call script, and end up with the right people. This way, you prevent leads from ‘disappearing’ with one person or not being followed up.



From lead to deal!

By not missing a single lead, you don’t miss a single sales opportunity. As soon as the lead comes in, the cogs in your car company should start turning. Automated, but with a personal touch. With LEF, we give car companies the possibility to give customers this unforgettable experience. Lightning fast lead follow-up, but through the dealer-approved follow-up process. LEF is linked to SAM! You can turn your lead in LEF into an order in SAM in no time! For each lead, it can be traced what lead source actually delivers.


Complete insight

With LEF, all information about your leads is found in one place, which gives you control over all lead sources. Whether these come from the Internet or an e-mail. You can see exactly what source the lead comes from and what actions were taken to follow up on the lead. From leads from your importer to an occasion portal, and from leads from your own website to calls after mailings. Both sales and aftersales leads! By centrally following up on all leads, you have insight into the conversion rate of each source in a single overview. With the graphically displayed management dashboard, you have quick and easy insight into the complete lead follow-up within your organisation.


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